Thursday, 17 November 2011

Still Waiting...

Well I bought a book written by my favourite writer Sylvia Browne and it still has not come :( so I checked my emails and realised I have ordered it from America lol silly me. I can't wait to read it (Sylvia Brownes Lessons for Life) and a book review will come shortly after.  Sylvia Browne, I love her books, they are so inspirational and amazing to read.  I have read, 'Life on the Other Side', 'Past Lives Future Healing' and 'The Other Side and Back'.  Wow. Sylvia Browne is a spiritual teacher, psychic, lecturer, writer and researcher in the field of parapsychology.  She started with her psychic abilities at the age of three in her home town of Kansas City.  In 1974 she incorporated The Nirvana Foundation for psychic research.  In 1986 Sylvia also formed another organisation 'The Society of Novus Spirit' (New Spirit) based on the Christian Gnostic Theology. 

Here is a link to Sylvia Brownes Website :-)
She has inspired me beyond words. I'll post a blog on here based on my new book review soon as it comes and get to read it.

Anyway... not had a very good week this week, we had to send poor Newt back to his previous owners, he snapped at Molly my three year old and we had only had him 3 days,  I couldn't risk anything happening with Jack Russells being working dogs and tendency to snap.  I understand he is a terrier dog and don't blame him at all, he was in an unknown home with unknown people and had grew up 3 years with another family.  Molly is at her toddler stages and was playing nicely with her balloon and he just jumped out of his bed and snapped.  Quite a shock to us as he was such a lovely, loving, obedient dog.  So now he is back with his original family. 

I got reminded of Christmas coming soon :-) I <3 Christmas, It is by far the best time of year for us to get a chance to enjoy ourselves with family and friends. We had a late night shopping night in the village and it was filled with everything Christmas, mince pies, carol singers, lights, decorations and all the shops had a raffle jar at the till to get a discount on what we had bought.  I'm so excited for the first year ever I am having my parents over for dinner :-) and spending Christmas at home instead of my parents house.  Only five more weeks.

My Rosie Christmas 2010 

Thank you for Reading. Kim xXx

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  1. Sorry to hear that Newt has gone but if my Dog did that she'd be gone to! It's not worth the risk,there still animals.