Monday, 14 November 2011

New Addition

Hello World,
Well what an eventful week, we have all been suffering with flu especially my little girl Molly-Sue and at the moment we have a new addition to complete our country lifestyle family, Newt the 3year old Jack Russell.  He has been brilliant up to now with the girls, he is house trained and good on our walks, although as JR are hunting dogs I cant helping feeling a little nervous with him around Lily-Mae my youngest baby girl.  Also Sooty my cat is petrified of him at the moment, this also makes me nervous as Newts natural instinct could kick in.  All that said but Newt has been brought up with cats, other dogs and a baby girl.  Newt is on a weeks trial to see if he can adapt to my family and I can settle with the nervousness, I think he would love it here, the girls love him and there are so many country dog walks around here so lets see how it goes.

I have just finished reading 'SHUT UP, STOP WHINING & GET A LIFE' by Larry Winget, WOW what a book :-).  It is one of the best books  have ever read and gets straight to the point.  The best advce in the book is "When you mess up... big deal.  Just admit it, fix it and move on.  Other than that life's a party." I really enjoyed it, he's hilarious and honest and says most things people would shy away from. At the end of the book he sets up the following test for you:
  • Am I Happy?
  • Am I Healthy?
  • Am I Serving?
  • Am I Loving?
  • Am I Learning?
  • Am I havng Fun?
  • Am I doing something I enjoy?
  • Am I propserous?
If the answer is yes to all of these is yes, then celebrate.  If you answered no then stop and do whatever it takes to turn that no to a yes.  I have found this test really great and found what it s in my life I need to work on. So wish me luck on that list :-). 

Me and my friend Jen took a trip to Saltburn to attend their Saturday Spiritulist Church - Divine Service at 7pm - The Community Hall.  When we arrived they had sadly cancelled it for a beer festival. How Strange, but funny at the time :-).  So we plan to go to the Middesbrough one on Sunday, can't wait.

Anyway I am planning to update this every night to let you now how my spiritual development is going. Hoping to start helping more people and just giving more.  Looking to get some followers also and make new friends out and about. 

Thanks for reading.

Kim Xx

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  1. I've never been to a spiritualist church although I've wanted to.I'm interested to read how you get on. Hope Newt is behaving himself and that your all recovering from the Flu.